GelView 6000Pro Ⅱ Multifunctional Image Station


The GelView 6000 pro II multifunctional imaging station is the second generation of the proprietary product developed by Biolight Biotechnology Co. with upgraded advances in overall form factor and functionality, controlled by the GV 6000 Pro II image capture and BioAnaly analysis software.


GelView 6000 Pro II multifunctional imaging station with a high-resolution, high-sensitivity CCD camera, can be applied to a variety of chemiluminescence imaging, multicolor fluorescence imaging, various dyes stained DNA/RNA, protein gel electrophoresis imaging, Western, Norther, Southern, Dot/Slot blot and other hybridization membrane imaging and other applications (such as culture dish colony counting, enzyme standard plate, radiographic autoradiography film analysis, etc.) of the imaging system, widely used in teaching and research.

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u  Simple and clear operation interface

u  Easy setup, quick imaging

u  Gel imaging, chemiluminescence imaging, multicolor fluorescence imaging and in vivo imaging modules, depending on the experimental needs of the free mix

u  Laser positioning system to assist in sample positioning

u  Cutting gel guard plate to ensure the safety of laboratory personnel

u  Full-featured analysis software for image processing, grayscale analysis, colony counting and well plate analysis

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