PlantView100 In Vivo Plant Imaging System


PlantView100 is a highly sensitive imaging system produced by Guangzhou Biolight Biotechnology Co. Its use of back-illuminated ultra-low temperature CCD camera has a extremely high detection sensitivity, while the specially designed dark cabinet can effectively avoid the impact of external light and cosmic rays on imaging. The lateral imaging module with rotating carrying table and adjustable plant growth simulation software enables long time multi-site imaging inspection under natural plant growth condition, which is more powerful and reliable. Simple software operation interface can preset a variety of experimental programs.




l  Dual camera design, allowing for top imaging and lateral imaging dual mode detection.

l  Deep-cooled research-grade CCD camera with temperatures down to absolute -100°C(-148), with powerful capture capability for weak fluorescence or luminescence.

l  Plant illumination simulation module for plant growth rhythm and photoperiod experiments

l  Circular global arrangement of high power narrow bandwidth LED light source with more uniform light output.

l  Large field of view, can meet the whole plant imaging, can also achieve seedlings, seeds, fruits, culture dishes and other samples batch imaging.

l  User-friendly operating software, quick to get started and free upgrades forever.


Light Source

Narrow bandwidth LED light source, life time50000 hour


Light transmittance≥90%, cut-off depth: OD6

Excitation Filter

Standard 5 sets

Ex465nm/GFP, Ex535nm/dsRed/RFP, Ex605nm/Cy5

Ex675nm/Cy5.5, Ex745nm/ICG (Max to 20 sets)

Emission Filter

Standard: Em540nm/GFP,Em600nm/dsRed/RFP,Em680nm/Cy5,

Em740nm/Cy5.5,Em820nm/ICG (Max to 10)

Carrier Table

Z-axis automatic lift


1100mm x 520mm x 546mm (H x W x D)




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