AniView 30F NIR-Ⅱ In Vivo Imaging System


AniView 30F is a highly sensitive, real-time imaging NIR- in vivo imaging system suitable for visualizing microvascular systems, monitoring blood flow and metabolic imaging; tumor growth, metastasis and treatment; drug targeting and kinetic evaluation; identifying tumor tissue to guide real-time surgery; contactless monitoring of heart rate and respiratory rate; monitoring the cellular environment (lipids, pH and mRNA); stem cell tracing and its regenerative medicine research, etc.


Features/ Benefit:

l  The AniView 30F uses an InGaAs camera, which has extremely superior spectral sensitivities in the wavelength range of 900-1700nm.

l  Cooling temperature down to -40°C(-40), less dark current and reading noise, high sensitivity.

l  With frame rates up to 600 FPS, there is a significant advantage in capturing the temporal information contained in the sample.

l  Motorized temperature-controlled carrying table for the imaging of 3 mice , and also for the micro-imaging of blood vessels etc.

l  Four-in-one fiber optic pathway for simultaneous connection of four lasers, eliminating the need to switch sources when performing multi-wavelength imaging.

l  The laser source is equipped with a beam expander and is fluorescently calibrated for good light uniformity.

l  With (p/s/cm2/sr/)/(uw/cm2) units for quantitative analysis.


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