AniView Kirin Small Animal In Vivo 3D Imaging System


AniView Kirin Small Animal in vivo 3D Imaging System integrates 2D imaging with 3D imaging, covering a series of imaging functions such as bioluminescence imaging, fluorescence imaging, Cherenkov imaging, 3D bioluminescence/fluorescence tomography and 3D multi-modality image fusion (PET/CT/MRI). It adopts an internationally advanced back-illuminated ultra-low temperature CCD camera with ultra-high quantum efficiency and ultra-low dark current; coupled with an F0.95 ultra-large aperture prime lens and high-performance filters, it provides unparalleled detection sensitivity.




l  Ultra-high sensitivity for in vitro detection of single cells or <50 cells in vivo

l  Excellent field of view for simultaneous imaging of 5 mice, as well as precise and detailed imaging of parts of a mice.

l  With accurate transmission fluorescence imaging function, strong penetration ability, improve the detection sensitivity of deeper sites.

l  Top full-area symmetrical fluorescence excitation light source to ensure better uniformity of fluorescence.

l  Intelligent hot air circulation system to ensure a stable ambient temperature inside the chamber, reducing the animal's stress response and ensuring more accurate imaging results.

l  Accurate and quantitative 3D imaging to reconstruct a 3D model of bioluminescence/fluorescence signals in animals to obtain accurate information on the location and depth of response sites.

Powerful spectral unmixing function, with complex spectral separation algorithm, can achieve automatic differentiation of marker and background fluorescence.


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