AniView Phoenix Full Spectrum Animal In Vivo Imaging System


AniView Phoenix is the latest full-spectrum in vivo animal imaging system with high sensitivity developed by Biolight Biotechnology Co. The system adopts a dual camera design, with a scientific-grade cooled CCD camera for visible wavelength imaging and a low-temperature InGaAs camera for NIR- wavelength imaging. It can be equipped with many different light sources at the same time to achieve full-spectrum imaging in the wavelength range of 400-1700nm to meet more experimental needs.

As an advanced and powerful full-spectrum in vivo animal imaging system, AniView Phoenix can be used to visualize microvascular systems, monitor blood flow and metabolic imaging: tumor growth, metastasis, and treatment; drug targeting and kinetic evaluation; identification of tumor tissue to guide real-time surgery; contactless monitoring of heart rate and respiratory rate; monitoring of cellular environment (lipids, pH and mRNA); Stem cell tracing and its regenerative medicine research, etc.



l  The combination of ultra-low temperature cooled CCD camera and low-temperature InGaAs camera for full spectrum imaging.

l  InGaAs camera maximum frame rate up to 600FPS

l  Refrigeration circulation system reduce dark current, improve detection sensitivity

l  Fully enclosed dark cabinet, panel with breathing-Lamp LOGO, real-time display of instrument status

l  Full-area shadowless irradiation fluorescence/laser unit that can be paired with high-intensity LED light sources, laser light sources and X-rays for the excitation of fluorescence in the visible, NIR-I and NIR-II regions and X-ray imaging, respectively.

l  Equipped with horizontal and vertical bi-directional moving carrying table for simultaneous visible imaging of 5 mice and NIR-Ⅱ imaging of 3 mice.


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