AniView600 Multi-Mode In Vivo Animal Imaging System


AniView 600 is a highly sensitive, multi-modality animal in vivo imaging system from Biolight Biotechnology Co. This powerful system is equipped to perform Cherenkov optical imaging, X-ray imaging, and upconversion fluorescence imaging, in addition to basic optical imaging modalities such as bioluminescence imaging and fluorescence imaging. The experimenter can choose the corresponding functional modules according to the experimental needs, and in a real sense, multiple imaging modules can be achieved together; it is widely used in stem cell gene therapy, gene drug development, nucleic acid vaccine development, tumor pattern establishment, new drug screening and evaluation, gene expression regulation research, strain resistance testing, virus infection patterns, fluorescent labeled molecular vector tracking, etc.

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l  Highly sensitive scientific grade cold CCD: 6 million pixels, with ultra-high resolution.

l  Fully enclosed imaging light-tight cabinet can effectively avoid the influence of external light and cosmic rays on imaging.

l  Simplified and high efficiency upgrading method, modularity of application functions, no need to return to the factory to complete the upgrade. (Optional module)

§   Gas anesthesia module

§   X-ray imaging module

§   Upconversion fluorescence imaging module

§   Cell marker identification module

l  Breathing light LOGO, real-time reflection of the instrument operating status

l  Up to 30 high-quality filters for imaging most fluorescent probes

l  Using a more stable LED light source, which has the advantage of higher specificity and longer service life.


Light Source

Narrow bandwidth LED light source, life time50000 hour


Light transmittance≥95%, cut-off depth: OD7

Excitation Filter

Standard sets

Two filters per set: 430/465/500/535/570/605/640/675/710/745nm , Bandwidth 30nm

Emission Filter

Standard: 500/520/540/560/580/600/620/640/660/680/700/720/740

/760/780/800/820/840 nm, bandwidth 30nm

Cell marker luminescence detector

Detector: Ultra-sensitive PMT

Sensitivity: ≤10 amolATP or ≤20 zmolluciferase

Dynamic Range: ≥ 7

Carrier Table

Z-axis automatic lift, 20~40 adjustable


1100mm x 520mm x 546mm (H x W x D)



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