AniView100 Multi-mode In Vivo Animal Imaging System


    AniView 100 is a high-sensitivity multi-modality animal in vivo imaging system fully self-developed by Biolight Biotechnology Co. Based on the previous generations of AniView with only high-sensitivity bioluminescence imaging performance, it has been further optimized to add fluorescence imaging performance, making AniView 100 a multi-modality animal in vivo imaging platform with both high-sensitivity bioluminescence and fluorescence 2D imaging.

    The AniView 100 can be upgraded with X-Ray imaging module, upconversion module and other functional modules to enable a variety of imaging assays for mice, rats and other laboratory animals, such as, bioluminescence imaging, fluorescence imaging, X-Ray imaging and Cherenkov imaging.

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l  Research grade highly sensitive back-illuminated cooling CCD

l  Magnetic suction type protective door, fully sealed imaging light-tight cabinet

l  Simplified and high-efficiency upgrading method, modularity of application functions, no need to return to the factory to complete the upgrade. (Optional Module)

§   Gas anesthesia module

§   X-ray imaging module

§   Upconversion fluorescence imaging module

§   Cell marker identification module

l  Breathing light LOGO, real-time reflection of the instrument operating status

l  Up to 30 high-quality filters for imaging most fluorescent probes

l  Fully self-developed operating software, simple and easy to use operation process, to bring users a better experimental operating experience.


Light Source

Narrow bandwidth LED light source, life time50000 hour


Light transmittance≥95%, cut-off depth: OD7

Excitation Filter

Standard sets

Two filters per set: 430/465/500/535/570/605/640/675/710/745nm , Bandwidth 30nm

Emission Filter

Standard: 500/520/540/560/580/600/620/640/660/680/700/720/740

/760/780/800/820/840 nm, bandwidth 30nm

Cell marker luminescence detector

Detector: Ultra-sensitive PMT

Sensitivity: ≤10 amolATP or ≤20 zmolluciferase

Dynamic Range: ≥ 7

Carrier Table

Z-axis automatic lift, 20~40 adjustable


1100mm x 520mm x 546mm (H x W x D)



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