GelView 5000Pro Ⅱ Automatic Gel Imaging System


       The GelView 5000Pro II Automatic Gel Imaging System is an instrument for gel imaging of a wide range of UV and blue light-excited samples (EB, GoldViewTM, Gene FinderTM, SYBRTM Green, etc.) as well as visible light-excited samples (silver-stained gels, kojic acid-stained gels, colonies, bacteriophages, microplates, spot hybridization, films, etc.), enabling accurate analysis and processing of bands, spots and any other target area.

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  • 5 megapixel ultra-high resolution digital camera

  • F1.2/8-48mm zoom lens with auto focus

  • Simple and clear operation interface

  • Easy setup, quick imaging

  • Laser positioning system to assist in sample positioning

  • Cutting gel guard plate to ensure the safety of laboratory personnel

  • Full-featured analysis software for image processing, grayscale analysis, colony counting and well plate analysis

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