PlantView 230F Chlorophyll Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging System


     The PlantView 230F chlorophyll fluorescence in vivo imaging system uses Pulse-Amplitude-Modulation chlorophyll fluorescence technology to measure whole leaf chlorophyll fluorescence imaging, using a digital camera as a detector. It can be used for photosynthetic physiology, pathology, breeding, screening of mutant strains, stress physiology, etc. It can also meet the fluorescence imaging of whole plants, leaves, fruits, algae and other samples of common plants; it can also measure green fluorescent protein imaging, and the system functions cover a wide range of applications from single cells to ecology.




l  A camera with extremely high sensitivity allows to efficiently capture the transient expression of chlorophyll fluorescence.

l  The high power pulsed LED light source used ensures that the sample is uniformly illuminated under strong excitation light.

l  Equipped with NIR and IR light sources to measure leaf absorptance and calculate photosynthetic photosystem II electron transfer rates.

l  Ability to measure parameters such as Fo, Fo', Fm, Fm', Fv, Fv'/ Fm', Fv/ Fm, Fv', Ft, ΦPSII, qN, qP, ETR, etc.

l  It comes with GLP protocol, which can record, track and trace the experimental data.

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